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Hi, I'm Shelby.

Welcome to my world.

I’m a full-time multidisciplinary artist based in the Pacific Northwest. I specialize in creating high quality, customized oil paintings for private collectors and commercial businesses. I work closely with each client to transform spaces, ensuring every work of art is impactful and highly personalized.

In addition to oil paintings, I create digital and animated artworks. These often take the form of crypto-art, utilizing emergent technologies to build my universe through art.

Above all else, I am a storyteller; each work is full of hidden and obvious messages, a thread in the tapestry that is my fictional universe called Sunderlands. Each stroke of paint and pen is fueled by my intense passion for world-building, and each piece I create adds another chapter to this post-apocalyptic world where all my art lives.

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A process like none other. 

Art should last forever.

To ensure mine does, I source the highest quality pigments from all corners of the earth. Following the process of Renaissance masters, I mix the pigments by hand into raw linseed oil. 


Instead of buying store-bought canvases, I build the reinforced wooden frames myself to a standard that far exceeds the norm. My paintings are built to last many lifetimes.

My digital art is equally well-crafted; each piece is hand-drawn in photoshop with hundreds or thousands of layers of color. Then, many pieces are meticulously animated and perfectly looped to ensure high display quality. The art is then minted on the Ethereum blockchain or inscribed to Bitcoin for maximum permanence. 

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Visions Through Time Full.jpg
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Camelot 2.jpg
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